BMW 4 Corners Meet, and how to drop a blade on your shutter
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Tuesday, August 07, 2012
By Jake
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We left at 5:30am Thursday to do a 14 hour drive out to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Totally worth it to meet up with some awesome people for a BMW meet. I had the intentions of taking some super awesome photos, but dropped a blade on my shutter causing it to fail by Saturday. :(


I did manage to salvage some shots, so not all was lost but knowing what potential this trip had it is a dissappointment.

From hiking on Fourmile Trailhead leading to the tallest waterfall in Colorado. 


Neel at Quality Inn (formerly Pagosa Lodge) was kind enough to offer up his amazing hotel for us to stay at. 

I can't wait to go back next year with all these great people.


Jacob Messer

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neodymium magnets - A nice blend of colours.
Calin | Toronto wedding photographer - I love the photo of the trees - so peaceful. It has an HDR look. Was it straight from the camera?
Jake - Hey Tom! I am coming back from Arizona early but I won't have enough time to get my car back in shape from sitting for 8 months.

Next year you can count on me being out there!
Tom Schultz - It would be awesome if you could find a way to make Drive 4 Corners 2013! Over 100 cars tentatively attending!!
Lorraine Greenberg and Associates - Great pictures. I love it!
Wedding Photographer Tucson - Love the trees!!
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lwired - Great backdrop. I love the forrest.
Web Designer Pitampura - Amazing pictures, i just love these pictures, Who is the photographer. ?
La Panoramica - I love Macro, nice tones.
Trevor - Hey Jake,

Like your photos particularly the pathway with all trees. There is a black & white shot I think from France with a old roadway with popular trees (or similar) either side of the road. Looks great!
Jonty - I know how you feel. I messed up with equipment a couple of times on days like this and ended up losing everything. The most frustrating things if you know you've taken great images but you just can't them.

Any way the first image there is something special and it sounds like you had a great time.
fotograf nunta iasi - Bogdan Terente - Great places and cars! ;)
Heidi - Cool landscape photos.

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los angeles wedding photographer - very nice landscape shots, love it
I Love My Family - Hey - if your camera screws up at least these days we all have the iPhone as our backup body :)

Andre Blais - Thanks for sharing!
Steve - Awesome picture :)
PhotographerS - Great set of photo's, I really like the close up of the flower, the perspective is quite nice.
Stefan - Ok, maybe you're disappointed - but I really like the first shot!